Why do you follow certain bloggers, influencers, or celebrities on social media? Over two years ago, I launched my blog with the intention of just “doing it for fun”. Last year, I began to question why I still invested my time with my blog. Although I did it for fun, I felt that I needed a stronger reason to continue pursuing it.

In my heart and from the beginning, I’ve always wanted to blog. Over the past year, I’ve asked God to lead me where he wanted me to go. I prayed that if God still wanted me to pursue my blog, that he would keep that desire in my heart with the goal to glorify Him with it. After a year, I still have a desire in my heart to blog. But now, it feels a lot more purposeful than it did before.

Some of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram were bloggers. They kept me in the loop about new style trends and sales that I couldn’t pass up. They helped me discover new cities to add to my bucket list. The feeds of these lifestyle bloggers were visually appealing and perfectly curated. They always had a huge breakfast on their king-sized beds covered in white bed sheets, inside of their spotless home even though they had two golden retrievers and 3 kids. Although they had the most beautiful photos, it was hard to relate to a lot of them. I can’t afford to have a closet filled with designer handbags, shoes and jeans…my fur children make it impossible to have white bed sheets OR a clean house. I simply felt like I couldn’t relate to many of them. I know, it’s “just” social media, but I love feeling inspired, empowered, and encouraged from what I read and see online. This led me to reflect on the purpose behind my own content.

I want our little corner of the internet to be a place of authenticity and positivity. I want girls to know that they’re not alone in whatever they’re facing. I want this to be a place where women can see that although we are flawed and broken, we’re still worthy, and most importantly, we’re still loved.

What does that mean for my blog? This means getting real on the internet. Having conversations with you that I normally would prefer not to talk about.  But I honestly feel like the internet needs more authenticity. What we read and what we see on our feeds and on the internet affects the way we see ourselves, the way we see the world, and the way we love and serve others. Is it scary to be real with you and transparent on the internet? Heck to the yes! Why am I going to try to do it anyways? Because after lot of praying, God has continued to place this desire in my heart – to share my story(ies) and my life with others for a purpose bigger than myself and I just have to trust Him with that.

latina bloggerI have more passion in my heart to talk about the easy AND hard things in life. I want to be your online BFF. Let’s talk about all the fun things like personal style that the everyday girl can afford, what songs are on your playlist, your favorite beauty products, places you’re adding to your bucket list, home decor pieces that don’t break the bank, and easy recipe ideas that a beginner can follow. Let’s also talk about some serious topics like struggling with anxiety, improving your self-esteem, how to battle the comparison game, and overcoming the pressure to be perfect.

Thank you for continuing to follow me throughout this unstable blogging journey of mine! I felt incredibly humbled each time I was asked to post another blog post or to jump back onto Instagram. I went about 9 months without posting anything on Instagram and have no idea why you’re still my friend! But, I’m excited to be back and can’t wait to catch up with YOU!

Sending you all the virtual hugs!

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